American Fidelity Life Insurance


American Fidelity Life Insurance CompanyAMFI has a strong history of serving small businesses, municipalities and people of all walks of life. We are a company founded by a visionary for the purpose of creating valuable insurance products for individuals and families. From the days back in 1956 when we opened our doors until today we have kept our promise of providing only the most stable and innovative life insurance products to small businesses, municipalities and the individuals that make the United States of America what it is today.

We have long recognized the important role life insurance plays within a family. Protecting the assets, future earnings and financial goals of families is something we do not take lightly. Peace of mind is important to our patrons; and over the years, we have delivered.

We believe insurance should not just pay if you die. We believe it should also pay living benefits. That is why our life insurance policies allow for tax-deferred cash growth and flexible premium schedules. We are committed to protecting Your loved ones. How do we do it?


  • Makes sound investments! The majority of our investment portfolio consists of United States Government bonds and highly rated corporate bonds. This means stable growth for You.
  • Offers products with flexibility! We understand Your life takes on unforeseen changes. That is why we offer flexible payment and withdrawal plans to serve any situation You may come across.
  • Keeps costs low! AMFI has one of the lowest overheads of any company in our industry. This means competitive premiums for You.
  • Is innovative! Our unique life insurance policies help protect families while allowing them to build cash values tax-deferred. That means we provide CASH if You live or cash to Your loved ones if You do not.

Security, flexibility and quality of life – This is our mission!